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Our services

Please note that our services are predominantly offered in German. Hence, more detailed information on our services is only available in German. However, we offer some English seminars in the course of our seminar programme as well as provide you other services upon request in English as well. Please contact us for further information.


Seminar Programme

The Center for Leadership and People Management offers an evidence-based and comprehensive seminar programme tailored to your specific requirements.

Individual services (depending on capacity)

The LMU Center for Leadership and People Management also offers tailored personnel development measures, such as: 



Here you can find recent facts and figures of our seminars and events.

Certificate „self-management, leadership, and teaching skills“

The certificate „self, leadership, and teaching skills“ allows LMU scientists LMU to attest their professional education with a meaningful document. Learn more.

Further offers of the LMU Munich

You did not find anything suitable? In this section you'll find information regarding additional offerings of the LMU Munich.


In this section you can find impressions as well as podcasts of our seminars.