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Seminar programme

Allgemeines Veranstaltungsprogramm

The Center for Leadership and People Management is offering a comprehensive seminar programme across various faculties each semester. Depending on your academic position, you can choose workshops, seminars and lectures specifically designed to fit your academic standing. 

We offer both basic and advanced courses. The basic module is providing a brief overview of issues related to leadership and cooperation. You can enhance the basic module by adding more specialised modules from the areas of personal, leadership and teaching skills. They impart both practical and theoretical knowledge aimed to qualify you in areas such as communication, creativity, conflict management, time management and leadership.

Our WissensWert@CLPM series serves as an ideal supplement to our regular programme to intensify the study of current research findings in leadership and self-management. Furthermore, our guests, acknowledged experts in their fields, welcome you to join stimulating discussions after their short talks.

Our LMU-Persönlichkeiten im Gespräch series offers interesting insights into the different scientific fields of our guests, their leadership-philosophy as well as their work-life-integration. At the end of each such interview, members of the audience can ask questions.

Please consult our programme for more information!
Modules, which are offered in English are marked accordingly on the German website.
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