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We offer supervision of theses - Bachelor & Master

You have the possibility to apply to us for specific announced topics for theses or for the broader topics listed below.

Here you can find the specific topics we are currently offering.
These are independent of the application deadlines mentioned below.

Below you will find more detailed information on the more broader topics and how the application and supervision process works.

Our Service Abschlussarbeiten Frau in Bibliothek

  • high diversity of methodical approaches ranging from laboratory experiments over field experiments to qualitative and quantitative research
  • well organised on-boarding and supervision
  • possibility of working on the latest relevant topics in research

Your profile

  • student of psychology or similar field
  • competence in computer skills (especially Microsoft Office, SPSS, literature databases)
  • engaged, organised and reliable
  • quick perception and readiness to learn
Application Deadlines (for the broader topics listed below)
For starting in the winter semester, please apply until the end of May.
For starting in the summer semester, please apply until the end of November.
Applications received after the deadlines may or may not be considered, depending on personal capacity.
Should we currently be unable to supervise your thesis, you may request to be put on a waiting list.

Possible Range of Subjects for theses:

Cluster Leadership

  • Influence of leadership on employee behaviour (e.g. creativity, OCB) and their attitude (e.g. loyalty, job satisfaction)
  • Destructive leadership
  • Authentic leadership
  • Ethical leadership/corruption
  • Leadership in academia
  • Women in leadership positions
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership and complexity
  • Leadership in healthcare

Cluster Personnel development/trainings

  • Evaluation and transfer of trainings
  • Voluntary training
  • Attitude towards trainings
  • Impact of different learning environments
  • Personnel selection and development
  • Time management and self-management
  • Mentoring

Cluster Health and work-life balance

  • Positive and negative interdependencies between work and private life
  • Strategies to handle life-changing experiences
  • When work causes disease: Performance, exhaustion, burnout
  • Changing working world
  • Interactions between different resources in the workplace
  • Psychological capital (hope, self-efficacy, resilience, and optimism)
  • Effects of perceived support at work
  • Investigation of positive psychology interventions (e.g. gratitude- or best-possible self-intervention)

Interested in one or more topics?
Please contact us at with an attached CV.

Need some inspiration? You can find a list of already completed theses here.