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  • Coaching is an individually tailored and time-limited counseling service.
  • Coaching provides professionally guided support that is geared toward individual development and assistance in change processes.
  • Coaching is a suitable form of support for various occasions. It is useful for everyone who appreciates a dialogue with a trained professional who guides the client through job-related and personal issues by means of a reflection-based interaction.
  • Prior to the coaching, we will clarify specific personal and professional needs. Once the right coach for you has been identified, we set an appointment for you either at your place of employment or at our office, where you will find a relaxed and neutral atmosphere.
Career Coaching
For professors we offer career coaching on individual topics such as leadership, self and time management, work-life balance and much more.
In addition, we offer career coaching for academic staff with diversity or disabilities (German / English) to promote inclusion.

Please note: This service is subject to a charge.

If you are interested in our coaching services, please contact us: E-Mail schicken an E-Mail